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  • Baoyuan Biology

    Innovation determinesation’s future, we must unswervingly implement the strategy of revitalization by science and education and innovation driven development strategy, and unswervingly take the road science and technology.

    Xi Jingping

    National High-tech Enterprise

    Vice Chairman of National Ecological Fertilizer Alliance

    Above 20 science and technology projects,obtained almost 30 patent of inventions

    National platform

    National Engineering Lab for Effective Utilization of Soil & Fertilizer

    Provincial platform

    Shandong Biofertilizer Engineering Technology Research Center for Shandong Department of Science and Technology
    Shandong Enterprise Technology Center
    Shandong Bio-fertilizer Industrial Innovation Alliance

    Municipal platform

    Yantai Bio-fertilizer Engineering Technological Research Center
    Yantai Enterprise Technology Center

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