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  • Baoyuan Biology

    Be concerned about issues of agriculture, farmer, and rural areas

    The implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy is the big decision made by 19th National Congress. It is a major historical task that build a well-off society and build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. It is the general starting that hard-working on agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new era.

    Xi Jinping

    Four Major Strategies

    Science&Technology Strategy, Talent Strategy, Market Strategy, Quality Strategy

    Management Philosophy

    A: People First  B: Technology First  C: Environmental Friendly  D: Benefit Human Beings

    Management Aim

    Exploit, Innovation, Base on Market;High Quality, High Effective, Heart Service

    Memorabilia of treasure source


      In Jan,our commpany was successfully listed in China Stock Market.

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